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Catholic Church

120 Russell Avenue
Corner of Hw 9
Felton, CA 95018
(831) 335-4657

Livestream - Behind the Scene

Thanks to Mike Bartol for setting up the Livestreaming and making this possible.
This "Behind the Scene" documentary and photos are from Tom Howser.

With everyone in place, Mike Bartol goes through his checklist to make sure everything is ready to broadcast.

The camera, the monitor and control center are all in one.

Fr. Roy adding the water to the wine before the consecration.

Suzi Brown reads from scripture and is recorded and broadcast on St. John's Youtube channel.

Fr. Roy Margallo begins the preparation of the gifts for consecration. As the theologian Joseph Ratzinger put it so well: “In order that an event that occurred in the past is made present, the words must therefore be pronounced: This is my body—this is my blood. But in these words it is assumed that the I of Jesus Christ speaks. Only he can say these things; they are his words. No man can pretend to declare the I of Jesus Christ as his own. No one can say here are many communities can transmit, rather it can only be founded on the ‘sacramental’ authorization given to the whole Church by Jesus Christ himself. (Catholic Answers)

Laura Dallas on flute, Dale Dallas sings and Peter Kim on guitar and sings to an empty church.

Right – Tom Cushing reads scripture to an empty church

Ah, but the church isn’t truly empty, not if you are watching at . home during the live broadcast on Sundays at 11:30 A.M.

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